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Government Contracting

Miller/Wenhold offers comprehensive strategy and assistance to businesses seeking to compete and operate successfully in the federal marketplace. We draw from our team members' collective experience both in private practice and the government, leveraging this knowledge to address the myriad legal requirements related to government contracting. We recognize issues related to government contracting do not arise in a vacuum and for that reason, we work as a team to meet the diverse needs and business interests of our clients.

The United States government is the largest consumer of goods and services in the world. The United States spends more than $250 billion annually on things like office supplies. No other entity around the globe can match that purchasing power. This purchasing power presents a tremendous opportunity for small businesses to pursue federal contracts.

The team at Miller/Wenhold has years of experience working with small businesses as they maneuver the procurement maze in Washington. Our professional team will work with you from start to finish too ensure you have the best opportunity to compete for federal contracting opportunities. We have a successful track record in delivering for our clients because we work closely with you to develop a plan and strategy that makes sense and works within your own business philosophies. The one size fits all approach doesn't work in most business settings and it doesn't work in contracting either. We take great pride in working very closely with our clients throughout the contracting process and not just at the critical deadline.

Miller/Wenhold has successfully help navigate opportunities for small businesses totaling over $500 million. The record speaks for itself and our team is committed to working with every small business looking to tap into the Federal government market. 

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