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The Miller/Wenhold team advises and represents healthcare groups of every size and type. Our experienced team provides clients with a comprehensive range of healthcare services built around each individual clients needs. Every client is different and every issue needs a specialized strategy that fits the needs of the client. At Miller/Wenhold we take great pride in this personal approach and believes this total team effort leads to success for the clients we represent.

Major changes have occurred in our healthcare laws. With the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordability Act clients need to be on top of the issues as this law begins to get implemented. Our clients know that the Miller/Wenhold team is working daily on their behalf to ensure their interests are protected.

We ensure our clients are supplied with the relevant analytical framework to interpret this constantly evolving market. Clients are provided with accurate and timely information regarding federal government actions, including congressional hearings and floor action and agency policy developments. Our clients are actively assisted as they seek to educate key legislative and agency officials regarding the consequences of various public policy decisions and we ensure we maintain close and continuing contact with these officials to augment such communications.

Miller/Wenhold has been a leading firm on this very complex issue. Our team uses its experience and expertise to help our clients navigate the legislative and regulatory maze they face in Washington. The Miller/Wenhold team serves as your one stop shop for providing legislative and regulatory support and strategy to the ever moving and changing Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act. Our team works with clients on better understanding the rules and regulations and the impacts they have on your business and bottom line.

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