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MW Client Hosts Congressional Briefing

Updated: Mar 13

U.S. GEO (Geospatial Executives Organization) is a coalition of geospatial firms, organized under Miller Wenhold Capitol Strategies, formerly John M. Palatiello & Associates, Inc., the premier Washington, DC-based geospatial public policy and association management consultants. The organization recently hosted a panel discussing mapping, surveying, and geospatial data for advanced air mobility, aviation safety, and infrastructure. Experts in the field gave an overview of the best practices in the profession and emerging trends for the future with an emphasis on the role of 3-D geospatial data in aviation navigation and safety. The applications of topographic data are collected by the USGS 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) for aviation-related infrastructure and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). AAM is a collection of new and emerging technologies applied to the aviation system, particularly for new aircraft types.



Presentation Resources

Kevin Gallagher

USGS 3D Elevation Program
Download PDF • 4.30MB

Amar Nayegandhi

3D Mapping in Alaska - An Aviation Perspective
Download PDF • 1.10MB

John Konkus

Geospatial Technology to Support AAMpdf
Download PDF • 1.96MB

Mark Schubert

Digital Data Integration in Aviation
Download PDF • 4.51MB

John Palatiello

U.S GEO 3DEP Aviation (final)
Download PDF • 502KB

John "JB" Byrd

Moderator Presentation
Download PDF • 578KB



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