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Miller/Wenhold specializes in federal education lobbying to help colleges and universities gain federal support for achieving their critical educational objectives. We have more than 18 years of proven, tangible success for our clients in the education sphere. We have assisted institutions in developing strong voices and advocacy footprints in Washington, D.C., and in specific Congressional districts. Miller/Wenhold has worked to make education a priority in key legislators' offices which has translated into tens of millions of dollars in funding for our clients.

In a political atmosphere where domestic programs are getting cut, Miller/Wenhold knows how to provide innovative solutions to institutions so that they can achieve their campus priorities. Additionally, our advocacy programs help the institutions learn how to advocate for themselves and provide the decision makers with the tools to advocate for state funds as well.

Our success is based upon years of experience and an in-depth understanding of how the federal authorization and appropriations processes work. We also pride ourselves on, not only our contacts with Congress and in the Department of Education, but also our work ethic that puts shoe leather to marble in the halls of Congress.

We understand and value the importance of education in society. We also believe in the crucial educational objectives that our clients want to provide students across the country. It's our job to utilize our reputation and relationships to get the results you are looking for ... that's Miller/Wenhold.

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