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The transportation and infrastructure projects of the 21st century will not materialize by themselves. Strategies to develop and implement them must take into consideration an overwhelming demand for capital along with limited federal, state and local resources.

Miller/Wenhold has extensive experience in creating a successful funding strategy for a particular project and/or technology. We can provide the following services:

  • Analyze the project and/or technology in regards to the feasibility criteria used by the various agencies and/or congressional committees;

  • Prepare a detailed strategy including the scoping and staging of the project, identify the means to fund the project and recommend congressional action if required;

  • Draft the relevant provisions, identify the appropriate legislative vehicle, assess the probability of success and manage the project proposal through to enactment;

  • New appraisals are often needed to identify funding resources from a multitude of categories rather than from just one source; and

  • Develop long term strategies.

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