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Jump Start the Economy Through Jobs Act



Major Provisions:


  • Anyone currently receiving unemployment benefits paid for using federal funds since the start of COVID-19 will need to requalify for said benefits.


  • Department of Labor will issue a notice to all those currently receiving state and federal unemployment benefits, plus those who are currently applying, requiring them to stipulate either their job is no longer available or that it is available and the individual has elected not to go back to work.


  • Department of Labor will send employers a list of former employees requesting that the employer either confirm the job for each individual no longer exists or if it does exist, stipulate whether the person would be hired back within 5 days of being notified their job is available.


  • For those collecting or applying for state and federal unemployment benefits whose jobs are no longer available, they would be approved within 48-hours to continue receiving their current benefits.  No interruption in benefits would be experienced by the applicant.


  • For each current unemployment recipient or applicant for benefits who are notified their job is available and they have an offer from their employer to be hired back, that individual would be required to go back to work within 5 days or forfeit the federal portion of unemployment benefits.


  • Those who choose to go back to work would need to stay employed for a minimum of 12-months before being able to reapply for federal unemployment benefits.


  • If they lose their job at no fault of their own, they would immediately qualify for an extension of federal unemployment benefits.


  • Employers would need to adhere to CDC COVID-19 workplace safety guidelines.


  • An employee must document their inability to meet CDC COVID-19 guidelines as a justification for not returning to work at their previous job offered by the employer in order to qualify for continued unemployment benefits.



For further information contact:

John Palatiello

Paul Miller

(703) 383-1330

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